Club History 1996

Scott Gordon formed a table tennis club in Santa Rosa (California) in 1996, with one table in a small room in a church. He was the only member. For the first month, the meetings had between 1 and 4 attendees, but he didn’t give up. Within 3 years, he had expanded to 12 tables and was drawing 50-70 players each meeting, two days a week with round robins one day each week and open play on the other day. This was in a medium-sized city that did not previously have a table tennis club. Over half of the players were novices (less than 1000 USATT rating), and they came week after week.



17 years later and still going strong.

David Kent our USATT Certified Coach and Club Facilitator continues the history by welcoming local enthusiasts as well as visitors as far away as San Francisco and even other countries during college time from Sonoma State University.