SRTTCLUB.COM 2019………. Located at 1455 Golf Course Drive in Rohnert Park Ca.

Tuesday the 18th and 25th of June are the last two Tuesdays during Summer.

The SRTTCLUB offers all levels of play, Professional, Advanced, Intermediate and beginner levels. Quality Rackets are available for loan for those that need them. You can expect plenty of play and a good workout with a Friendly Community atmosphere with twelve tables available for play.

This is a place were Challenges are Found and Friendships are made.

Thanks to Everyone last year 2018 was great!!! And the Start of 2019 looks good as well… Everyone have a great Summer enjoy you’re  Vacations! 
No School so stay out of trouble!  See you all again very soon.


-= Summer Information Update =-

Starting  July 2019 Our Summer Schedule will be Friday nights from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm.

We will be raising the nightly fee to $7.00 (has been $5 for over 20 years).


Located at 1455 Golf Course Drive in Rohnert Park Ca.

Feature Story in the Bohemian Life

For the Santa Rosa Table Tennis Club, Table Tennis is a sport, not a hobby and don’t call it ping-pong.

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We Don’t Call it Ping Pong !!